Jordan Sawka

Financial Consultant

Jordan McCraw

Jordan Sawka is a Financial Consultant at Maven. With relationship building at the forefront of her mind, she works closely with clients to help them understand their financials. As a prior financial analyst, she has quickly become an asset to the small businesses she encounters. Her financial analysis skills allows our small business clients to make informed financial decisions and strategic decisions about their businesses. Jordan loves helping our clients realize their successes when they once didn’t before, and enjoys seeing them reach goals they didn’t know were possible. Jordan graduated from the University of Arkansas with an undergraduate degree in Accounting. She started her career at Verizon’s Corporate Finance office, then pursued a Masters in Finance at the University of Oklahoma. She graduated from OU in December of 2020 and joined the Maven team shortly after.  When Jordan’s not working, she loves to travel. She has a goal to visit as many National Parks as possible. Her golden retriever, Mav, tags along on many adventures!