Maven Financial Partners Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

One year ago, we started our company with a simple vision: to help businesses connect the dots between their financials and their business strategy.

Maven Financial PartnersFinances can be tricky, even for our talented, smart, and savvy clients. This year, we got to step in as your financial maven. Your revenue, provider performance, trends, and future growth became our bread and butter. We saw our clients flourish in their entrepreneurial and medical industries once they were able to find relief from the nuisance of numbers. And we had fun along the way.

Best of all, we built relationships with clients and learned about their success, dreams, and business potential. Hopefully, these relationships will last for years to come. We want to watch our clients grow and cheer for you from the sidelines–or rather, from behind our spreadsheets.

To celebrate one year of business, here are a few of our proudest accomplishments! 

Milestones for Maven

In just one year, our team achieved the following:

  • Grew clients by 88%
  • Grew team by 100%
  • Made 775 new friends, connections, and followers on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Traveled on 12 flights and to 7 conferences
  • Launched our website
  • Moved into our new office space (come visit us!)
  • Gave presentations and interviews on topics including:
    • The Financials
    • Operational Strategies During Uncertain Times
    • How to Create a Marketing Budget for My Business
    • Financial Management for the Private Practice
    • Adding a Provider to a Medical Practice
    • Knowing How Your Financials Will Be the Roadmap to the Final Steps of Your Journey
    • Slaying the Financial Dragon
    • How to Build a Profitable Med Spa


If that’s just one year of victories, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Thank You for Helping Maven Grow

In celebration of one year of business, we want to thank our clients, partners, and dedicated team for supporting Maven. They say it takes a village to raise a child–but it also takes one to grow a company! Every connection we make is ripe for collaboration. We can’t wait to see how we can work with you in the future.

Maven Financial Partners

And as always, a complimentary financial analysis is available for any potential client who wants to know how Maven can help them grow. Ring in a new year of business with us by contacting us today!