Scaling In An Unstable Economy, CFO vs CPA, & Leading With Questions

The Aesthetic Edit Podcast: Episode 3

We are so excited that our very own Jessica Nunn was featured on The Aesthetic Edit Podcast with Mary Robb and Savannah Saucedo from Social Practice. 

In this podcast, Jessica reflects on her early days as a female CPA working in a male-dominated industry, highlighting the pivotal moment when she realized the need to move away from that stage of her life and find her true identity. Embracing her assertiveness and love for guiding others, Jessica challenges the notion that being directive is harmful, and advises advocating for empowerment instead. Tune in to hear her overall secret to success. 

  • In the “Hot Take” segment, Jessica tackles the economic landscape of 2024 and shares strategies for companies to mitigate its impact. 
  • Jessica also dives into the profound influence of social media on contemporary businesses, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping brand identity, values, and culture. 
  • Throughout the rest of the podcast, we learn more about Jessica’s founding story, uncovering the moment the idea struck her and the driving force behind her decision to embark on this entrepreneurial path.

Follow this link to listen to the rest of the podcast, where you can explore the intersection of entrepreneurship, aesthetics, and wellness and gain valuable insights to empower your journey in the industry.