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We help businesses connect the dots between their financials and their business strategy.

Sure, we’re financial analysts at heart. But we’re actually in the business of making connections. 

We’ll connect one month’s high revenue to your clinic’s top performing provider. We’ll connect last year’s spending trends to next year’s profitability forecast. We’ll  connect one service line’s growth over time to your next big business decision. 

But most of all, we’ll connect to you. We are passionate about our clients’ success, dreams, and business potential. We might love financial statements, but the people we work with are worth their weight in gold. 

Meet the Team

Founder | CEO
Partner | Financial Consultant
Financial Consultant
Financial Consultant
Financial Consultant
Financial Consultant
Senior Analyst
Senior Analyst
Todd Oswald
Financial Analyst
Kendall Reed
Financial Analyst
Ashleigh Macaluso
Financial Analyst
Sarah Knapp
Office Administrator

Not Your Everyday CFO

Numbers get a bad rap. We’re here to change business owners’ relationship to their financial statements for the better. These pillars guide our process:

Make it simple

We uncomplicate your businesses financials. We do all the extracting, sorting, and analyzing for you. Then, we package it into clear, digestible reports that help you make informed business decisions. 

Offer solutions

Business owners have enough problems. We provide solutions to help you move your business forward. We strive for higher profitability, greater efficiency, and closer alignment to your goals.

Be meticulous

We don’t call ourselves experts for nothing. We obsess over the details of your finances, leaving no number overlooked. 

Have fun

We love what we do, and it shows. We won’t make any promises, but we’ve been told clients actually look forward to discussing financial statements with us. 

After practicing dentistry for many years, I really never had a good understanding of the financial parameters of my business. Wow, did that ever change! I now have a complete understanding of my business, my QuickBooks are always current, I am investing for retirement, I know my overhead and profitability, if my individual expense categories are within healthy ranges, and I’m feeling great about my business of dentistry again!
Russell Mann
Mann Family Dental in New Hampshire
Maven FP Testimonial from Russell Mann
Jessica and her team of financial experts can dive deep into the financial documents of your practice and develop a strategy for goals, budgeting and projecting the future of your success. She makes numbers dance and can take a lot of fear out of reading your financial documents. You will love working with her.
Susan Leckowicz
Dental Coaches
Maven FP Testimonial from Susan Leckowicz
They have been a fantastic resource to aid in forward thinking for our company's finances. We always came away saying "Why can't every meeting be like that?" They have personalized the role of "Budget Consultant", as we feel that they are mentors who care about our success. We now consider them more than consultants and mentors. We see them valued friends.
Deborah Manjoney, MD, FACS
Wisconsin Vein & Medispa
Maven FP Testimonial from Deborah Manjoyney
Working with Maven and Christin has given me tremendous financial clarity and saved me hours per week. They have increased my ability to set performance goals, helped me structure bonuses, and better understand my cash flow. Christin helped me strategically plan two commercial real estate purchases not only by setting production goals, but also connecting me with integral partners who helped close the deal at a much better rate. As a bonus, the team at Maven is friendly, easy to work with and very responsive. My efficiency and quality of life have skyrocketed since partnering with Maven.
Rachel Walker, MD
Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas
Maven FP Testimonial from Rachel Walker
We have had the pleasure of working with Jessica Nunn for over half-a-dozen years. She represents many of our clients, and our firm. Her ability to explain complex accounting and use plain language for non-CPAs is amazing. She does a great job of detailing the financials goals of the organization and using score cards to track these goals. Her team is a must for any start-up, or midsize business. You cannot afford to run your business without her.
Michael S. Byrd, CEO and Bradford E Adatto, President
Maven FP Testimonial from Deborah Manjoyney
Jessica and the Maven team have been fantastic. They took two wide-eyed first-time business owners, held our hands through all the financial aspects of our startup and beyond, and instilled in us the confidence and security to focus on running our agency and keep our clients happy. Their experience with small businesses like ours has been absolutely invaluable. Jessica and the Maven team have that rare combination of financial knowledge, experience, and patient Zoom-side manner that makes new business owners like us feel like we know what the heck we’re doing.
Chris Smith and Dave Kroencke
Plot Twist Creativity
Maven FP Testimonial from Plot Twist